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In thousands of years of history and culture of our country, there are too many classics, ancient books, and articles with profound connotations worthy of our exploration. But how to enter treasure mountain? How to absorb these cultural treasures to make the past serve the present? We expect the " website" to bridge ancient and modern times. Also, we want to become a treasure pavilion that promotes culture, appeals to all ages, and appeals to refined and popular tastes.


Our country's long history and culture contain eternal classics, ancient books, and articles worth us pondering and studying. However, because of its "the more looked up at, the higher it seems," people often don't know how to enter treasure mountain. Also, absorb these cultural treasures and apply them in real life? --We expect the " website" to be a treasure pavilion that bridges ancient and modern times to promote culture.

Scholars' articles, with simple terms, enable you to spend less time tasting culture and feel the beauty of life regardless of age and wherever you are!

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Video Zone

How good would it be to watch the nearly 3000 years of Chinese culture by watching movies?
That is the original intention of the " website" to plan a "video" zone.

We hope the audience can understand better of traditional culture through a series of self-made videos.
However, we cannot remain complacent, so we have merged some modern and Western elements. Our purpose is to enjoy listening, deeply learn, and inherit classics.

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Chinese Philosophy

Where does the thought "one's self" come from? What does our thinking have to do with the ancients? Why are there differences in thought and life among nations in the world?
Although we don't see the moon in ancient times, "the moon of today once reflected ancient people," the bright moon is the same forever, and "Life goes on endlessly generation after generation!" The thoughts and cultures passed down for generations are the sources of all the words and deeds of today's people!
If you want to know yourself, you should know the cultural traditions of the past first .

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Our country is a nation of poetry. There was a collection of poems in the Book of Songs three thousand years ago. Classical poetry reflects the concern for the universe, life, and all things through rhythmic language and exquisite writing, expressing aspirations, chanting things to convey prosperity, depicting society realistically, painting landscapes, and satirizing and admonishing others.Reading poetry can go beyond time and space boundaries to connect a beautiful soul with compassion and empathy. It can also present the aesthetic interest and cultural connotation for "poetry is life and life is poetry."

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Phrase World

What is the most beautiful genre in traditional literature? Phrases should well deserve it! The pages of sadness, resentment, and sentimentality are so charming and beautiful that putting people's minds bluntly. A piece of writing that swallows the sky to wash the moon and looks up to the past and present teaches us that we cannot release the scroll and forget our feelings. No matter is the same begonia, the endless love sickness, or the bleak farewell, the tiresome guests at the end of the world facing mountains and rivers, expressing the same enthusiasm as the ancients through lyrics. Our closest bosom to history releases the same familiar enthusiasm as the ancients by writing poems to let people sigh three times!

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Teaching Material

There are various emotional experiences in the thickness of life. From the germination of the self to the emotional connection with others and then to the feelings of the family and the country, the greater self is like a drop of water that gathers into the sea.

Reading literature can help us leave our familiar nest and experience a different life. This dedicated zone intends to enrich readers' reading and touch on self-reflection and the relationship with others and the world through classic anthologies.
After the delicate learning of words, we hope our life will be more colorful and plenty.

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Idiom Zone

As the crystallization of Chinese cultural wisdom, "idioms" are like stars in the sky. In thousands of years, the ancestors have refined history, myths, fables, classics, literature, and customs to compress them into exquisite life expressions.
Using "idioms" deftly can make the speech beautiful and elegant. Retaining the ancient meaning has also deepened our cultural understanding and historical insights. It also enlightens our culture and philosophical literature and broadens our horizons and speculative ability, besides enriching our vocabulary. Everyone should indeed learn the Chinese essence of this peerless treasure.

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Story Zone

Stories are a significant bridge for people to understand the world and inherit wisdom and culture. We can explore things other than life experiences through reading stories and obtain sensory experiences such as sadness, joy, surprise, and healing. This zone draws materials from classical novels, story books, Chinese operas, and other texts to collect wonderful stories in literature. We also expect to accumulate and develop IP and then transfer and reproduce it into other works, such as film and comics, besides providing readers with appreciation and reading.

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Contemporary Chronic

In addition to carrying forward the traditional culture and "learning for the past," the " website" pays attention to contemporary affairs. Each era has its unique scenery. From ancient to modern times, off to the east goes the great river, whose waves wash out all but the greatest heroes of all time. So, after the scouring of the times, what people and things are remembered that are worth pondering or reading again? Therefore, we have a dedicated zone, "Contemporary Recorded Events," to let the later generation knows about them.

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3-minute Bedtime Story

We write bedside stories and digital picture books for children aged 3 to 12. People can do parent-child reading before bed or at broken times, or children can read themselves. It divides into life, history, myth, folk, fable, fairy tale, and other stories. Besides the life stories based on real life, we rewrite the rest according to traditional original scriptures. Moreover, we look forward to children being able to experience life and understand society. And hope that the fine traditions of Chinese culture will take root and build a firm foundation.

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